Tea hut tournament

The Teehütte tournament is traditionally held in June. Stefan Wisotzky and his team generously spoiled the participants with snacks, aperitifs and tournament prizes. Some participants enjoyed the wonderful dinner that followed at the tea hut in ideal summer weather.


1st gross ladies: Corinne Gut Klucker (22 points)

1st gross men: Peder Dorta (23)

1st net ladies: Tina Wegmüller (40 points), 2nd Renate Emmenegger (35), 3. Elisabeth Herger (34)

1.net men: André van der Graaff (36), 2. Kariem Baldes (36), 3. Ernst Leuzinger (34)

Nearest to the Chicken Ladies: Corinne Gut Klucker (4.50 m)

Nearest to the Chicken Men: Christoph Dittrich (2.72 m)

Picture: the beaming winners with host Stefan Wisotzky

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