Club Championships 2023

Our 2023 club champions are:

Paula von der Lage & August Schärli

The 2023 Club Championships took place over 36 holes in wonderful summer weather. The competition is divided into Stroke and Stableford each year: Ladies up to Hcp 25.0 and men up to Hcp 20.0 play stroke play. The higher handicappers compete in Stableford. The Saturday evening traditionally belongs to the conviviality: everyone was able to barbecue and feast outside before parking the electric carts back in the garage together so that their batteries could be recharged for Sunday.

The start list on the second day was in reverse order: the higher handicappers started first.

Later in the afternoon, the champions returned to the clubhouse and enjoyed another BBQ before the trophies were presented.

Gross winner and club champion:In

Paula von der Lage (total 135 strokes) and August Schärli (total 153 strokes)

Net Ladies (Pro to 25.0): 1. Tina Wegmüller (123), 2. Daniela Aebi (145), 3. Elisabeth Herger (146)

Net Men (Pro to 20.0): 1st Ang Rüedi (131), Johannes Vogt (131), 3rd Peter Luzi (132)

Net Ladies (25.1 to PR): 1st Gerda Sergi (68 points), 2nd Daniela Tiefenbacher (57), 3. Luzia Luzi (55)

Net Men (20.1 to PR): 1st Markus Kollmann (73), 2. Claudio Michel (68), 3. Martin Accola (66)

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